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December 15, 2015

The Global Jihad Factories operating nonchalantly and Mr Trump on the horizon

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There are two topics at present in the news – terrorism and climate change. Both are global and need global answers. Climate debate has been settled into a deal in Paris. The other is very long term and stays undefined for its reasons, let alone being addressed. Even to  associate a religious ideology to terrorism is like inviting oneself to be labelled as bigot. If the religion is named as Islam then straight away, one is referred as Islamophobe (refer here to another article on this topic). Liberty and privacy is all but dead thanks to terrorism except for perhaps tech savvy people.EiffelTowers

It is no secret that most terror incidents are coming from Islam related radicalised individuals. Even though, the concerted effort by Russia and west against ISIS is addressing the leaking wound of terrorism. But the fight is not just there. It is everywhere. Even if ISIS is eliminated, it will not be a surprise if it emerges elsewhere soon after. The funds available to terrorists are from many sources. The breeding ground are many – some countries, Madrassas or even some mosques.

Anyway, the question is – will more people like Mr Trump not offer the same solution of disallowing Muslims in their respective country in west. There is bound to be reaction in west and it will become more and more right wing. Hope, it stays close to centre and does not bring extreme right to the power anywhere. But to gradually move towards this ideal solution, the public needs to see that politicians are not clueless and do not keep behaving as if nothing has changed or behaving like liberals winking and allowing anything anywhere as it may alienate the minorities. Issue is if the problems itself are not accepted as existing then there can be no solutions either.

Edward Snowden is still not back in US after revealing that US has accessed, stored or hoovered in virtually all that goes on the net. It is not been denied by US emphatically. So, clearly there are no privacy issues raised when the govts access any individual. The issue is, however, if the civil liberty or public is able to acquiesce to govt accessing virtually anything then one wonder why would it be concerned if all religious, communal places, community centres are also monitored 24X7 by the govt or perhaps all these places are brought under a law that videos of all the activities should be recorded, kept for a month and should be made available for police viewing whenever it may so desire to access it. At least, if that happens, the lacuna that is left unmonitored for checking any insidious activity will then be filled.


Yet another thing is that countries will gradually move towards formalising same sort of civil code for all communities. So, religious freedom held dear by many religions to wear their religious symbols in public will gradually cease. A state, Hesse had banned Burqa in Germany in 2011. Now, one of German party called CDU is asking for a full ban there following the bans imposed in France, Holland, Italy. There will be similar pressure now built on any other govts to impose this ban not just on Islam followers but on all other religion followers too including Sikhs who are required by their religion to wear turban and a steel metal wrist piece. I am assuming both of these will have to be banned as well not much longer there after.

The education also brings new issues. even though one may think that the Madrassas are not running in west but these are running as they are  in eastern part of the world.   Education in UK is not fully state controlled and there are complete religion controlled educational entities running outside state control. Here  is  a newspaper article  after Mr David Cameron speech on Madrassas . In this article, a Muslim can be seen defending madrassas and perhaps trying to say, please do not inspect us but collaborate with us whatever it may mean. The Article says “Muslims fundamentally want to counter the ‘poisonous narrative’ of radicalisation, so why not collaborate with them? “ The madrassas should on their own be teaching multi-faith education and keeping their pupils more prepared for modern education and morals. There are many a madrassas in India which are not teaching main stream education too, but there was news recently on India Today of a madrassa of Mandsaur District, MP (india) which is introducing Hindu religion to Muslim kids like Gayatri Mantra etc. Who would not wish that UK madrassas may also one day emulate this policy of bringing home the education of majority religion of Britain which is Christianity. There is a nice article here on Madrassa education in India. At higher levels, in London there are some campuses where it is hard to escape Muslim brotherhood or other gangs.

The Issue however is – no matter how much the govt monitors any religious place or educational place, the monitoring will not achieve much as people will take their activity elsewhere. Only it will end up alienating people. Perhaps, it is time to use the public itself. May be people can anonymously report issues in which govt may be interested.


September 27, 2012

Waking Up of Ummah

Let me tell those who do not know what Ummah is – Ummah is an Arabic word meaning “nation” or “community”. It is commonly used to mean all the Believers (Ummat al-Mu’minin), and thus the whole Muslim people. There is an Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). It has 56 member countries. India is not one of them in spite of being no 3 in Muslim population. Perhaps, OIC can be referred as Ummah.

During the last fortnight, the world has witnessed the waking up of Ummah. Following the discovery of film “Innocence of Muslims ” by Egyptians. The storm across Muslim world erupted. It started gathering pace in other nations as well like Australia, UK, Italy, Netherlands etc where demonstrations took place.

The doubts on existence of Ummah always came as the Ummah rarely woke up before in unison like this time. Yes, there were times, it has awoke as when cartoon controversy outraged it from Denmark,  the burnt pages of Quran were found in Afghanistan, the photos of US soldiers came out abusing the prisoners of Abu Ghareb or urinating pictures on the dead Talibans emerged more recently. The reactions however were far more constrained unlike this time.

Has Ummah been having  selective amnesia ?  Islam has not made Muslims virtuous. No religion can make any. Muslims have committed and continue to commit all kinds of crimes – much more sinister and grave.

1. Did Ummah condemn terrorism on US soil on 9/11/2001, London 7/7/2005, Java Attacks 2002/2003 or Mumbai 26/11-29/11/2008?

2. Did Ummah stir into action when Muslims people abused the white girls in Rochdale(Manchester), Telford(Birmingham), Bradford, Oxford in UK .

3. Did Ummah utter a word of concern on forced conversions of minorities specially in Pakistan though it goes on across Muslim countries.

4. Does Ummah condemn the attacks including drone attacks on civilians who are driven to Nuba Mountains in Sudan. In 2011, more than 500,000 Sudanese civilians were driven from their homes by government action and that number continues to grow in 2012. The attacks in Darfur are on-going since 2003. The International Criminal Court has indicted Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir and issued an arrest warrant for Defence Minister Abdel Raheem Muhammad Hussein for war crimes in Darfur. But will Ummah rise and declare that Al-Bashir is criminal.

5. Where does Ummah stand on who is Muslim and who is not. Why Shias, Bahais, Ahmadiyya are considered non-Muslims by most of Sunnis leading to their killing or not allowing to worship.

6. Where does Ummah stand on infidel killings(Christians, Hindus) – is it legal to kill others in the land where Muslims have majority.

7. Where is Ummah on reforms within Islam? Why Ummah can not agree to basic human values in Ummah member countries. Muslims cherish these when they live in countries that offer these values but they do not enjoy it when they are at home. These are rights to freedom of speech, rights to practice the religion and rights to wear what is acceptable to all countries, rights to minority to live on equal footing, rule of law and avail equal justice, opportunities.

So, what has changed? Is it the effect of Arab Spring? Perhaps, young liberated Muslims of North Africa are ready to show to the west that they are their own master now. Pakistan always thought itself more Islamic than the rest of Muslims, so 20 or more people died there in the protests. What about the real Muslims? – the Salafis (Wahhabis) of Saudi Arabia. Why there was no reaction from them? Well – The Al Arabiya News reports that Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, billionaire nephew of Saudi Arabia’s king, said on Tuesday only a minority were involved in violent anti-US protests over a film mocking the Prophet Mohammad, and Islam was too strong to warrant such an uproar over the matter. Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, the highest religious authority in the kingdom, on Saturday condemned the attacks against diplomatic representations as contrary to Islam after protests that have rocked the Arab and Muslim world.

So, is Ummah one? The answer is “no”. It never was and it never will be. If it was one,  will any Muslim go hungry. Will there be any discrimination bordering on racism within Muslims. When some of the Muslim countries are richest,  poverty reigns supreme in lots of Muslim countries as Somalia, Bangladesh, Indonesia etc..  But  new converts to Islam will still continuously be persuaded and deluded to believe in the universal Muslim brotherhood of Ummah. I only wonder why do these Muslim world’s leaders in UN (on world stage) protest so vociferously about their indignation. Ummah does not want to change anything on their side but it is seeking an international  blasphemy law like the one in Pakistan  in the wake of this film. The other world leaders like Obama should ask this Ummah  to act on some of the points mentioned here like providing basic human values in Muslim countries to all.   Ummah needs to prove that it has sense of justice too before seeking anything from international community.

March 19, 2012

Amidst the Islamic Fascism

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Conspiracy of Others or Paranoia of Islamic minds

A Bollywood movie ‘Delhi-6’ was shown today on TV . I had seen it before but suddenly carried on watching it regardless and then realised how relevant this movie is after 3 years. I guess the movie will stay relevant even after a century. The movie tries to bring Hindus and Muslims together through a satirical character called black monkey. At one stage a Muslim utters that this monkey is a conspiracy of Hindus to punish Muslims. But away from the movie, I see big paranoia floating in Islamic minds. Muslims see everything with a different lense. Let that be attack on NewYork 9/11 or on Mumbai , 26/11. Many Muslims thought it was done by the US or Indians themselves respectively for a long time. In Iran, the familiar holocaust denial of Ahmadinejad looms large. I have listened to many a debates on ‘You Tube’ of a mixed crowd but have come out wondering why only Muslim minds are paranoid in these debates and see the events very differently. I also thought perhaps Muslims in Pakistan are even more paranoid compared to the Muslims living in India and then thought that this may be due to them living under overwhelming influence of Muslim hardliners within that country. But then it is not the question of  the Muslims in the subcontinent but those who are living in the liberal west too. Do these Muslims elsewhere see the world any differently?

This week Salman Rushdie was back in India after being denied a platform to speak in January when due to a few vocal Islamists in India, he was denied the opportunity to participate in a literary meet. At that time the election was around in a few Indian states and as the Muslims are a very big vote bank, all the parties wanted to pander to those vocal Islamists who were opposed to his visit. Today, I was reading column devoted to Rushdie visit in India in a Pakistani newspaper . All Muslim readers from around the world were reacting after this news in a familiar way. They did not want any Rushdie visit or at least no report of his visit in the paper. Some wanted him still dead for hurting Muslim feelings.  I wondered why satire and allegory in literature as an art form escapes Muslim mind as Satanic Verses was based on that. A few politicians from both India and Pakistan like upcoming Imran Khan did not want to share the same platform as given to Rushdie in order to keep the Muslim vote bank safe. After reading all this, I was thinking that it is strange that the Salman Rushdie after all these years of hiding and running around never gave up his religion. Is he scared to move out of Islam as usually all Muslims are because Islam forbids a person leaving it or condemns them to get killed. But since he was under Fatwa already, so what could be the reason for him staying loyal to Islam. I guessed that it is because he is the moderate and tolerant face of Islam who wants to change the Islam from within. Now, who are these people opposed to this moderate view. I feel it is not just hardliners but all those who are average Muslims around the world . These average people are always influenced by hardliners but never by moderate Muslims. I wondered if there are enough moderate Muslims in the world. Then I thought that moderates are so few that you can even count them on fingers. So, there is no wonder that this hijacking of average Muslim mind continues . But who are really responsible for this state of affair to continue. I think it is not just hardliners but those people who pander to the hardliners or Islamic fascists. So, in other words it is the political leaders who are not prepared to take on hardliners. But should I blame the political leaders alone and exempt us – you and me. The debate not to appease came to head in Gemany recently when a valiant German woman confronts radical Islamists decided to wake up others in a square and decided to take on directly the Islamic fascists. When will the others like you and me wake to change Muslims into moderate Muslims? We all face a dilemma  if  the Muslims should be told that they are intolerant of other faiths and even of other Muslims. Not to talk of Islamic Fascism is appeasement.

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