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December 13, 2011

Looking Into Indian Growth Story?

When India and the rest of the economic pundit from Goldman Sachs etc keep talking of BRICS and its incessant growth rate, I look at other thing and try to analyse if India will change. When I ponder about India, its growth rate does not come to my mind but what bubbles up are the ills that India face up. One always put that away as soon as one think of it but this time I try to write a little about it.

So, what ails India, yes so many things open up in front of you but chief among them are the apathy of Indians to each other,  cut throat selfishness and competition in business, education and desire to outdo each other on wealth stake. There is over showering of affection and respect when meeting in person but utter uncivil manner on the net or on the road.  The misgovernment, the corruption, impeding someone from succeeding on purpose, taking advantage of the their position for themselves or for their folks but never thinking of the place called India as a whole. The scheming, sycophancy, the noise, the chaos all deter you from loving and admiring India.

But in spite of it all nothing matters as dichotomy of life can be experienced. Many lives live side by side one belonging to almost ancient time to the one belonging to the very modern. But,there is something alluring about India too if you leave behind the chaos and look for ubiquitous spirituality, the values or its ancient past. It is also not true that most Indian people are selfish, jealous, pompous, brassy and loud. You also come across unexpected help at times, someone telling you the essence of life.The enterprising attribute are common place, besides the desire to establish oneself and for that end there is hard work. So,  one can see the struggle and the success from the close quarters. Of course, the politics is the biggest bane but lack of desire to form groups and organisations to change the politics or to challenge it is also present on account of perhaps the shyness, the jealousy, selfishness, competitive streak or unwillingness to sacrifice one’s goals for the community, local or national service. Living in foreign land, I find it is much easily done by people in the west. They organise so much easily. Among many reasons have been like the long traditions from faith, the struggle and victories for the nation and above all tremendous support from the state and the people at local level. But how does that support come about.
Of course it takes place due to a big role played by media. It is not the national media that does it but the local one which is so much more vibrant and omnipresent in UK, US etc.When one compares that with India, one can see why Indians do not know about little achievements from their local community and feel proud about it as local media hardly exists in comparison to west. To inspire one needs little something from the immediate past and there is not a lot to be proud of  beyond the freedom struggle in India on its immediate past front. But a development of the network of local media all over India remains a big necessity to develop this sense of identity about one’s local area and to bind it with the desire to change it. So, if all over the country local people feel the desire to change their local area whole of India can grow and change much better, faster as well as in more equal balanced manner.


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