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December 1, 2011

How Indian Media be Reformed

This is what I wrote in comments of one article on media in Outlook India magazine

Freedom Must Be Earned

The regulation should not come from govt but not also from press or broadcasters themselves, it should be organised by govt but not controlled by it. It should be based on something similar to Press Complaints Commission in UK but the model should be modified. PCC in UK has failed to contain the media controlling the lives of all citizens by snooping, hacking, blagging or eavesdropping on phones and also because the PCC chairman was the Rupert Murdoch’s guy Les Hinton. So if the local media regulate themselves, nothing will get regulated. The nominees on board and chairman of PCC like body should all come from different walks of life – like teaching, judiciary etc. It should be funded by media itself (some sort of levy or tax) and made independent of govt control on the lines of proposed Lokpal or election commission. The ownership of media should also be reformed. The licence system brings govt control. If at all it is required then, it should go from govt control and perhaps should come under this body and the shareholding of the media should be such that none of this should belong to industrialists because they can exploit leaership of the country with their control of media. So, if such channels exist today belonging to industrial houses they should be made to divest their shareholding.


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